Assessments, boarding, dog sales, and dog training programs in Ottawa, ON

Private training sessions, boarding, and more designed with you and your dog in mind.

What does your dog need?

There are several training options to choose from in Ottawa:


Assessments are $200 and are scheduled for 1 hour. This is an opportunity for us to get an in-depth history on your dog(s), chat about goals, and create a game plan as to how we’re going to reach those goals.

This is an opportunity to ask all the questions you may have, as well as an opportunity for us to see your dog(s) and the interactions you have with them, in person. There is an additional $25 charge per additional dog participating, from the same household.

Assessments usually take place in your home as we want to see the dog(s) in a more comfortable environment, however an assessment could happen at any location of your choice! You will also receive a follow-up email with some tips, tricks, and pointers to get you started.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are $150 each and are scheduled for 1 hour. Now that we have the assessment, as well as goals and a game plan – it’s time to execute! Sessions happen in your home, or any location of your choice, depending on where your dogs training stands when starting with us.

There is an additional $25 charge per additional dog participating, from the same household. Anything and everything can be worked on during this time (ex. place work, crate training, public exposure and confidence building, competitive heeling, bite-work, etc.).

There is an additional $25 per additional dog from the same household. You will also receive a follow-up email with a summary of the session, as well as pertinent information and homework for you to get started on.

Group Training

Classes, workshops, open gyms, pack walks and seminars vary in price and are held on various dates and times, month-to-month. These various dates and times can be seen on our clients-only Facebook group, or our public Instagram and Facebook pages.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

 is a great option for those who want to train with us however don’t live near us. We have done virtual training with clients in Europe, all over North America, and even in South America.
Pricing is $50 for 30 minutes and $75 for 60 minutes. Generally happens via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Virtual sessions can be held by Veronica, Keara, or Mead.

Regular Boarding

Regular boarding is available for clients only, and is $50 per day (each additional dog from the same household gets 25% off). If you aren’t a client yet but are interested in boarding with us, we suggest an assessment be done first, at the least.

During boarding, the dogs here will get exposed to a variety of mental and physical exercise such as but not limited to: neighborhood walks, treadmill time, outdoor play group, and more. This option is not to be confused with a Board & Train.

Treadmill Training


Exercising your dog on a treadmill is a fantastic mental and physical workout. (And perfect for those extra hot or cold days when exercising outside just is not possible.)

Learn all the techniques you will need to teach your dog to run on a treadmill with confidence in this easy-to-follow video and step-by-step written instructions.

Board & Train

Board & Trains are great options for clients who’s dogs require more in-depth and personal training. It can also be a great option for owners who want to expedite training. Your dog will stay with us for an agreed amount of time, and during this time your dog will receive multiple training sessions throughout the day.

We are able to customize our Board & Trains around the clients needs (ex. puppy raising, basic obedience, specialty training, sport training, behavior modification, etc.). Board & Trains offer consistent daily training that will allow your dog to work through the toughest of issues in a shorter amount of time than a private session or workshop can offer.

These Board & Train options come in a daily (starting at $200), weekly (starting at $1,000), or monthly (starting at $4,000) package option. 

On average, we book about 1-2 months in advance.

Started and finished dogs

Started and finished dogs are available sporadically with prices ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000 depending on their breed, training level, pedigree, titles, and more.

Typically we work with 4 main breeds: Labradors, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds. Theses dogs can be sold as active pet dogs, working dogs, sport dogs, protection dogs, etc.

That being said, we have two main options available: dogs that are available and ready-to-go (currently living in our home, or a trainers home), or having a hand-selected puppy sought out, purchased, and trained for you tailored to you and your families needs; whether that be a family pet or a fully trained protection dog.

Finally, we have excellent relationships with a plethora of the finest breeders of these breeds who often have litters on the ground. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we surely can find someone reputable who does.