Trained dogs to

suit your needs

Hand-selected and specially trained Labradors, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds

As you can imagine from the expectations we hold our clients to in our training programs, the expectations we have for the dogs we have available for sale are no different.

Started and finished dogs are available sporadically with prices ranging from the high 4 figures to high 5 figures, depending on their breed, training level, pedigree, titles, and more. Typically we work with 4 main breeds: Labradors, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds for our started and finished dog programs.

These two main options available mentioned above are: dogs that are available and ready-to-go that are currently living in our home, or having a hand-selected puppy sought out, purchased, and trained for you tailored to you and your families needs. Whether that be a family pet or a fully trained protection dog, we can make it happen.

Additionally, we have excellent relationships with a plethora of the finest breeders of several breeds who often have litters on the ground, started and finished dogs for sale as well. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can find someone reputable who does.

Available Dogs

Cheerio du Caruso | Belgian Malinois

Available as a personal or executive protection dog

Cheerio is a one year old personal protection dog (PPD) in training. He is expected to be finished all of his training by the end of 2022 or early 2023 and will be ready to leave to his new home thereafter. Cheerio has had prelims on his hips and elbows however will be getting official PennHip’s done in the near future. Cheerio is incredibly stable and sound.

His temperament is exquisite and grips are incredible – this dog will do some serious damage to protect his family. Standing at over 30” at the withers and 80 lbs, he is still lean enough to make it over those big hurdles and jumps with ease.

Cheerio comes from du Caruso kennels in Connecticut and his sire, Hector vom Roten Sturm, is a multiple time world competitor while his dam, Whoopsie Ot Vitosha, comes from one of the most sought after Malinois kennels in the world.

Aside from grips and bite work as a whole, he comes AKC registered, treadmill trained, on and off leash trained (flat collar, prong collar, and/or e-collar), loves to play fetch, trained on a bed command, great at the vet and grooming, social with adults and animals, and so much more. Cheerio is priced in the mid 5 figures.

Wanda vom Sattelberg | German Shepherd

Available as an active pet or to a novice sport home

Wanda is a 3 year old import, bred in Austria. Wanda is fully health tested (SV hips, elbows, DNA), up to date on vaccines and prevention, and has had a spay and gastropexy done in early 2022. She has obtained her Wesensprüfung title and is trained on and off leash (flat collar, prong collar, e-collar, and/or no collar). Wanda is treadmill trained, has a bed command, good with people, dogs and cats, is crate trained both in home and in the vehicle and has been in our program and care since December 2021.

Travel wise, since her arrival from Europe to our home in Tampa, Florida this past December, she has been on a 2-day road trip (Florida to Canada) and 1 flight (Canada to Florida). She spend just over 3 months with one of our trainers in Canada, and has spent the rest of the time with us here in Tampa, FL.

Being a working line German Shepherd, Wanda also loves to play tug, ball, and do some IGP protection work as you can imagine. She is what we consider ‘started’ in club level IGP protection. Wanda is priced in the low 5 figures.

Sold Dogs

Grace | Belgian Malinois

Sold to an active pet home

We are pleased to announce Grace has found herself a wonderful home in Texas, with a lovely young lady who works for the Sheriffs office.

Nacho | Belgian Malinois

Sold to an active pet home

Nacho is a happy-go-lucky boy who found himself a family in Connecticut. We are thrilled! He gets to watch over twins and even share his house with another Malinois.

Mila (now named Kilo) | Belgian Malinois

Sold than active pet home

We’re so glad to announce that Kilo is staying local! Kilo now lives with her new owner, who happens to be a good friend of ours, in St. Petersburg, FL.

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