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Elite Protection Dogs For Renowned Clients

The Working K9 is proud to be the leading protection dog training company chosen by high-profile clientele, such as public figures and globally known athletes, including MLB and NFL players.

As seen on Fox News, unwavering focus on excellence and discretion, we provide top-quality canines tailored to meet the unique needs of our esteemed clients.

Experience the extraordinary bond that comes from owning an exceptional canine partner from The Working K9.

Watch the video below from Fox News to learn more about The Working K9.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to “fix” your dog, we aren’t the company for you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in our opinion, neither is a well-balanced dog. But the results are so, so worth it. If you think the Coliseum is beautiful, wait until you see a bright-eyed and happy dog heeling perfectly beside his owner, making eye contact, eagerly awaiting the next command.

How You can train with The Working K9



Send us an e-mail so we can determine what your needs, goals, and desires are, whether it is for your existing dog or future addition.


The Dog

With so many breeders in the world, it can become overwhelming to determine who to get your new dog from. At The Working K9, we have trusted a small handful of world-class breeders for our clients and can ensure that we will get you the perfect fit.


Initial Training

Depending on your goals, your dog may benefit from private training sessions, a board and train, or any of our other services.


Ongoing Training

Training should be something you and your dog are always working on together. Come to our training days or register for any of our other follow-up services to keep those skills sharp.


Real dog training is about developing the relationship between dog and owner to the best it can be.
It means building a solid training foundation so that you and your dog can exist in the real world, whether as a companion, sport dog, or as a personal protector.

(And to be honest, it’s just as much about training people as it is about dogs.)

Success Stories

“The unicorn of dog trainers, with an expertise and loving obsession of working breeds, this company is world class, and a gem to have in the Tampa area if you are lucky enough to be local. I have 2 working line GSDs that worked with Veronica from puppy manners and proper play, to obedience and bite work, and everything in between. If you are looking to learn much more than you expected on how to build a solid relationship with your dog, and are willing to put in the work that your dog deserves, than this company is worth investing in. They treat our dogs like rock stars and I couldn’t be more appreciative for the professionalism and dedication they have shown to help guide me to my goals. Highly recommend.”

– René
(Owner of Downtown Dogs)

“In a nutshell, Veronica and The Working K9 are a godsend!
I moved down to Tampa with a 3 month old Doberman puppy in need of ear posting (and definitely training!). I felt lost until I found Veronica. From the moment I met her, I knew she is a true professional and an amazing human being. You can tell she loves what she does and she’s the best at what she does, striving for perfection always. She also does it all! Ear posting, training, board & train, board.
My puppy adores her as much as I do! I didn’t think I would be able to trust anyone with my dog but I have zero reservations and know that my puppy is being taken care of with the same love I have for her. Thanks for being you!”

– Sofia

“I love attending workshops and open gyms with Veronica. She is always pushing you and your dog to work, to learn more. Love it and can’t wait to attend more workshops!”

– Demi
(RCMP German Shepherd washout)

“I’ve been working with Veronica ever since my dog was a puppy and he’s soon to be 2. She is a pleasure to work with during sessions. My favourite thing about Veronica is her passion towards animals, her knowledge and her dedication. She has always been extremely helpful and available to answer my numerous questions throughout my dog’s life. She is my go-to and I recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer. Wether you need help for basic training, behaviour modification or even help with sport/show dogs The Working K9 is the way to go. Thanks for always being supportive and helping us when needed.”

– Jessica
(Doberman & Malinois)

“Veronica is highly talented and does amazing things. She has been amazing with Freedom Dog Rescue Dogs.”

– Brigitt
(Founder of Freedom Dog Rescue)

“In the beginning of 2019 Veronica and I crossed paths, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Despite her heavy work load, traveling back and forth between Canada and the US, she promptly made time for myself and my dogs. We got in a lengthy training session and from there we clicked. Veronica has not only played a huge part in furthering my knowledge as a Military Working Dog handler, but also my wife’s success with our two personal dogs who are both Belgian Malinois. Her expertise, knowledge, and dedication set her apart from other trainers. My wife and I highly recommend Veronica and her team.”

– Anthony
(US Air Force MWD Handler)

“After searching and researching trainers, I finally landed on The Working K9. Veronica is working hard with my sibling Doberman pups. They are learning so much! She is working them through separation anxiety, their individual insecurities, they have learned to successfully walk on a treadmill, leash manners and more. Although I get regular updates, I can’t wait to see all they have learned! You won’t find a more honest and professional trainer. I look forward to working with The Working K9 for many years to come!”

– Jamie
(Doberman littermates)